Printable Designing Invoice

What to Include in a Designing Invoice Template

To be a professional designer, a designing invoice says a lot about your business and even you personally. It really gives impact how and when you get paid as a creative designer or a freelancer. So, we will discuss the detailed guidelines how to make it with the right format below.


How to Write a Designing Invoice

When you want to write its template, you have to know that there are some key things a graphic design invoice needs to include. It relates to details of information you have to provide in the invoice form. Let’s check it out below.


First of all, you have to provide the information of both parties. You can start with your company first. Here, you need to include your company’s name first. Then, you can add its logo and include other details of information such as the company’s address, telephone number, email address, etc.

After that, you need to include the same information for your clients. You can begin with your client’s full name. Then, provide the address of your client. Do not forget to include your client’s phone number make you easy to contact them. Other information like email can also be added.

Secondly, you must include invoice number. This can be presented before or after the information of both parties. Anyway, this is very important to provide a way in tracking the invoice if it was not paid, lost, etc. With invoice number, you can easily follow it up and the process becomes efficient.

The next thing to be included in the design invoice form is the list of services. Here, you have to list all services you provide. Then, break down the costs for each service to make it easy to understand. Make sure that you do not miss out any service in your invoice form.

After the list of services is provided, you have to accompany it with prices or rates. You have to present the price of each service clearly. It is important to be transparent to gain respect & trust with your customers or client. This can be served in a table to make it easy to understand.

Then, you cannot forget to include the total due. Total due can be gotten by calculating all prices of the services. Sometimes, it also includes the tax, discount or any other fee. Therefore, make sure that all fees are included. The total due should be bolded or enlarged to make it clear.

One more, what you have to include is date. There are 3 kinds of date to be provided. The first is date when you make the invoice. This date is usually placed at the top of the invoice template before any other information.

The second is date of each service performed. This date should be served in the table accompanying each itemized list of service. The third is date for the invoice due when the client must pay off the amount. That is all the right format of designing invoice you should follow.